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The Other Voice in Early Modern Europe: The Chicago Series



Margaret King (marglking@gmail.com)
Albert Rabil, Jr. (arabil@nc.rr.com)
PUBLISHERS (1996-2010)

The University of Chicago Press
1427 East 60th Street
Chicago, IL 60637


When the title list for the Chicago Series reached its end, the founding co-editors entered into a new co-publishing arrangement to publish a Toronto Series of The Other Voice; volume numbering began anew. The first thirty-five volumes of the Toronto Series were published 2009-2014 by Iter Press, and the Centre for Reformation and Renaissance Studies, Victoria University in the University of Toronto. Volumes 36-75 were published 2015-2020 by Iter Press and ACMRS Press. Commencing with volume 76 (2021), the series is published by Iter Press.

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 French Authors/Texts
C-1 1. Madeleine de l’Aubespine, Selected Poems and Translations. A Bilingual Edition, ed. and trans. Anna Kłosowska (2007)
C-2 2. Emilie du Châtelet, Selected Philosophical and Scientific Writings, ed. and introd. Judith P. Zinsser, trans. Isabelle Bour and Judith P. Zinsser (2009)
C-3 3. Gabrielle de Coignard, Spiritual Sonnets. A Bilingual Edition, ed. and trans. Melanie E. Gregg (2004)
C-4 4. Marie Dentière, Epistle to Marguerite de Navarre and Preface to a Sermon by John Calvin, ed. and trans. Mary B. McKinley (2004)
C-5 5. Princess Elisabeth of Bohemia and René Descartes, The Correspondence between Princess Elisabeth of Bohemia and René Descartes, ed. and trans. Lisa Shapiro (2007)
C-6 6.

Marie le Jars de Gournay, Apology for the Woman Writing and Other Works, ed. and trans. Richard Hillman and Colette Quesnel, introd. Richard Hillman (2002)

C-7 7. Jeanne de Jussie, The Short Chronicle: A Poor Clare's Account of the Reformation of Geneva, ed. and trans. Carrie F. Klaus (2006)
C-8 8. Louise Labé, Complete Poetry and Prose. A Bilingual Edition, ed., introd., and prose trans. Deborah Lesko Baker, poetry trans. Annie Finch (2006)
C-9 9. Marie-Madeleine Pioche de La Vergne, Comtesse de Lafayette, Zayde: A Spanish Romance, ed. and trans. Nicholas D. Paige (2006)
C-10 10. Madame de Maintenon, Dialogues and Addresses, ed. and trans. John J. Conley, S.J. (2004)
C-11 11. Hortense Mancini and Marie Mancini, Memoirs, ed. and trans. Sarah Nelson (2008)
C-13 12. Marguerite de Navarre, Selected Writings. A Bilingual Edition, ed. and trans. Rouben Cholakian and Mary Skemp, introd. Rouben Cholakian (2008)
C-12 13.    Anne-Marie-Louise d’Orléans, Duchesse de Montpensier, Against Marriage: The Correspondence of La Grande Mademoiselle, ed. and trans. Joan DeJean (2002)
C-15 14.

Jacqueline Pascal, A Rule for Children and Other Writings, ed. and trans. John J. Conley, S.J. (2003)

dePizan 15. Christine de Pizan, et al., Debate of the Romance of the Rose, ed. and trans. David F. Hult (2010)
C-17 16. François Poullain de la Barre, Three Cartesian Feminist Treatises, introd. and notes Marcelle Maistre Welch, trans. Vivien Bosley (2002)
C-18 17. Madeleine and Catherine des Roches, From Mother and Daughter: Poems, Dialogues, and Letters of Les Dames des Roches, ed. and trans. Anne R. Larsen (2006)
C-19 18. Madeleine de Scudéry, Selected Letters, Orations, and Rhetorical Dialogues, ed. and trans. Jane Donawerth and Julie Strongson (2004)
C-20 19.

Madeleine de Scudéry, The Story of Sapho, trans. and introd. Karen Newman (2003)

Suchon 20.

Gabrielle Suchon, A Woman Who Defends All the Persons of Her Sex: Selected Philosophical and Moral Writings, ed. and trans. Domna C. Stanton and Rebecca M. Wilkin (2010)   

C-22 21. Madame de Villedieu (Marie-Catherine Desjardins), Memoirs of the Life of Henriette-Sylvie de Molière: A Novel, ed. and trans. Donna Kuizenga (2004)

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 German Authors/Texts 
von Greiffenberg 22. Catharina Regina von Greiffenberg, Meditations on the Incarnation, Passion, and Death of Jesus Christ, ed. and trans. Lynne Tatlock (2009)
C-24 23. Johanna Eleonora Petersen, The Life of Lady Johanna Eleonora Petersen, Written by Herself: Pietism and Women's Autobiography in Seventeenth-Century Germany, ed. and trans. Barbara Becker-Cantarino (2005)
C-25 24. Justine Siegemund, The Court Midwife, ed. and trans. Lynne Tatlock (2005)
C-26 25.

Katharina Schütz Zell, Church Mother: The Writings of a Protestant Reformer in Sixteenth-Century Germany, ed. and trans. Elsie McKee (2006)


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 Italian Authors/Texts 
C-27 26. Maria Gaetana Agnesi, Giuseppa Eleonora Barbapiccola, Diamante Medaglia Faini, Aretafila Savini de’ Rossi, and the Accademia de’ Ricovrati, The Contest for Knowledge:  Debates over Women’s Learning in Eighteenth-Century Italy, ed. and trans. Rebecca Messbarger and Paula Findlen, introd. Rebecca Messbarger (2005)
C-28 27.

Tullia d'Aragona, Dialogue on the Infinity of Love, ed. and trans. Rinaldina Russell and Bruce Merry, introd. and notes Rinaldina Russell (1997)

C-29 28.

Laura Battiferra degli Ammannati, Laura Battiferra and Her Literary Circle: An Anthology, ed. and trans. Victoria Kirkham (2006)

C-30 29. Giulia Bigolina, Urania: A Romance, ed. and trans. Valeria Finucci (2005)
C-31 30. Elisabetta Caminer Turra, Selected Writings of an Eighteenth-Century Venetian Woman of Letters, ed. and trans. Catherine M. Sama (2003)
C-32 31. Maddalena Campiglia, Flori, a Pastoral Drama. A Bilingual Edition, ed., introd., and notes Virginia Cox and Lisa Sampson, trans. Virginia Cox (2004)
C-33 32. Vittoria Colonna, Sonnets for Michelangelo. A Bilingual Edition, ed. and trans. Abigail Brundin (2005)
C-34 33. Vittoria Colonna, Chiara Matraini, Lucrezia Marinella, Who is Mary? Three Early Modern Women on the Idea of the Virgin Mary, ed. and trans. Susan Haskins (2008)
C-35 34.

Cecilia Ferrazzi, Autobiography of an Aspiring Saint, transcr., trans., and ed. Anne Jacobson Schutte (1996)

C-36 35. Moderata Fonte (Modesta Pozzo), Floridoro: A Chivalric Romance, ed. and introd. Valeria Finucci, trans. Julia Kisacky, notes Valeria Finucci and Julia Kisacky (2006)
C-37 36. Moderata Fonte (Modesta Pozzo), The Worth of Women: Wherein is Clearly Revealed Their Nobility and Their Superiority to Men, ed. and trans. Virginia Cox (1997)
C-38 37. Veronica Franco, Poems and Selected Letters, ed. and trans. Ann Rosalind Jones and Margaret F. Rosenthal (1998)
C-39 38. Annibal Guasco, Discourse to Lady Lavinia His Daughter: Concerning the Manner in Which She Should Conduct Herself when Going to Court as Lady-in-Waiting to the Most Serene Infanta, Lady Caterina, Duchess of Savoy, ed., trans., and introd. Peggy Osborn (2003)
C-40 39. Lucrezia Marinella, Enrico; or, Byzantium Conquered: A Heroic Poem, ed. and trans. Maria Galli Stampino (2009)
C-41 40. Lucrezia Marinella, The Nobility and Excellence of Women, and the Defects and Vices of Men, ed. and trans. Anne Dunhill, introd. Letizia Panizza (1999)
C-42 41. Chiara Matraini, Selected Poetry and Prose. A Bilingual Edition, ed. and trans. Elaine Maclachlan, introd. Giovanna Rabitti (2007)
Antonia Pulci 42.

Antonia Pulci, Florentine Drama for Convent and Festival: Seven Sacred Plays, notes and trans. James Wyatt Cook, ed. James Wyatt Cook and Barbara Collier Cook (1996)

C-44 43. Sister Bartolomea Riccoboni, Life and Death in a Venetian Convent: The Chronicle and Necrology of Corpus Domini, 1395-1436, ed. and trans. Daniel Bornstein (2000)
C-45 44. Margherita Sarrocchi, Scanderbeide: The Heroic Deeds of George Scanderbeg, King of Epirus, ed. and trans. Rinaldina Russell (2006)
Stampa 45. Gaspara Stampa, The Complete Poems: The 1554 Edition of the Rime. A Bilingual Edition, ed. Troy Tower and Jane Tylus, trans. and introd. Jane Tylus (2010)
Sulam 46. Sarra Copia Sulam, Jewish Poet and Intellectual in Seventeenth-Century Venice: The Works of Sarra Copia Sulam in Verse and Prose, along with Writings of Her Contemporaries in Her Praise, Condemnation, or Defense, ed. and trans. Don Harrán (2009)
C-48 47. Arcangela Tarabotti, Paternal Tyranny, ed. and trans. Letizia Panizza (2004)
C-49 48.

Lucrezia Tornabuoni de’ Medici, Sacred Narratives, ed. and trans. Jane Tylus (2001)


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 Latin Authors/Texts 
C-50 49. Henricus Cornelius Agrippa, Declamation on the Nobility and Preeminence of the Female Sex, trans., ed., and introd. Albert Rabil, Jr. (1996)
C-51 50. Laura Cereta, Collected Letters of a Renaissance Feminist, transcr., trans., and ed. Diana Robin (1997)
C-52 51. Cassandra Fedele, Letters and Orations, ed. and trans. Diana Robin (2000)
C-53 52. Olympia Morata, The Complete Writings of an Italian Heretic, ed. and trans. Holt N. Parker (2003)
C-54 53. Isotta Nogarola, Complete Writings: Letterbook, Dialogue on Adam and Eve, Orations, ed. and trans. Margaret L. King and Diana Robin (2004)
Winner of the Modern Language Association's 2005 Aldo and Jeanne Scaglione Prize for a Translation of a Scholarly Study of Literature
C-55 54. Anna Maria van Schurman, Whether a Christian Woman Should be Educated and Other Writings from Her Intellectual Circle, ed. and trans. Joyce L. Irwin (1998)
C-56 55.

Juan Luis Vives, The Education of a Christian Woman: A Sixteenth-Century Manual, ed. and trans. Charles Fantazzi (2000)


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 Spanish Authors/Texts
C-58 56. Francisca de los Apóstoles, The Inquisition of Francisca: A Sixteenth-Century Visionary on Trial, ed. and trans. Gillian T. W. Ahlgren (2005)
C-59 57.

María de Guevara, Warnings to the Kings and Advice on Restoring Spain. A Bilingual Edition, ed. and trans. Nieves Romero-Díaz (2007)

C-57 58. Ana de San Bartolomé, Autobiography and Other Writings, ed. and trans. Darcy Donahue (2008)
C-60 59. María de San José Salazar, Book for the Hour of Recreation, introd. and notes Alison Weber, trans. Amanda Powell (2002)
de Zayas 60.

María de Zayas y Sotomayor, Exemplary Tales of Love and Tales of Disillusion, ed. and trans. Margaret R. Greer and Elizabeth Rhodes (2008)


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Ancillary Text  

Teaching Other Voices: Women and Religion in Early Modern Europe, ed. Margaret L. King and Albert Rabil, Jr. (2007)

[Essays on series volumes: Sister Bartolomea (Daniel Bornstein), Lucrezia Tornabuoni (Jane Tylus), Antonia Pulci (Elissa Weaver), Vittoria Colonna (Abigail Brundin), Marguerite de Navarre (Rouben Cholakian), Marie Dentière (Mary McKinley), Jeanne de Jussie (Carrie F. Klaus), Katharina Schütz Zell (Elsie McKee), Francisca de los Apóstoles (Gillian T. W. Ahlgren), María de San José (Alison Weber), Cecilia Ferrazzi (Elizabeth Horodowich), Jacqueline Pascal (John J. Conley, S.J.), and Johanna Eleonora Petersen (Barbara Becker-Cantarino).]


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